The Kildall Chronicles

Gary Kildall

The entrepreneur and computer scientist who changed the world and defined an industry.

It is time for the world to know more about the person most responsible for the personal computer revolution. We will continue to update his biography as we learn about Gary's achievements.


Gary Went Flying?

Urban legend says Gary took a careless, leisure flight in his personal airplane when IBM came to visit about bringing CP/M to the IBM PC. Is this true? Of course, it is not. Bill Gates is the likely source of this tall tale, and we'll unravel it.

Kildall One

Gary Kildall changed the world in ways that we can never fully understand or appreciate. This site is dedicated to Gary and his accomplishments. We all hear about Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and others, but it's Gary who had the real vision and the ability to make it happen.

Pac-Man & CP/M?

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CP/M-86 vs MS-DOS

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